FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: scot3.zip (27288 KB)

Author: Neil Birch
Date: 24 Jun 2013
FSX Scottish Tour Part 3.
For users of Neil's Microlight's, the third part of a southern Scotland tour of Playsim's scenery. To see the additional scenery you will need Neil's Farm Strips Volume 2, but it isn't a necessity.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: fsx_dominican_republic_2_pack.zip (7846 KB)

Author: Menno C. Robert
Date: 09 Jun 2013
FSX Dominican Republic 2 Pack, MDPC Punta Cana and MDPP Puerto Plata.
Reworked and updated the default AFCADs for FSX using ADE 1.5, aeronautical maps and Google Earth.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: marine1whitehousecampdavid_dlffsx.zip (2179 KB)

Author: Dan French
Date: 03 Jun 2013
FSX Marine 1 White House And Camp David.
This scenery/AI package shuttles the presidential helicopter "Marine 1" among a customized south lawn of the White House, a custom built Camp David, and Andrews AFB. EZ scenery, Rwy12,and Dan French Core LibrariesVol2_FSX or higher required. AI Sikorsky SH-3D Sea King helicopter by Rob Nieuwenhoven, Chris Jones and Mal Lloyd, freeware, required for AI.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: fsx_antonov_an-22_package.zip (10017 KB)

Author: Michael E. Roberts
Date: 31 May 2013
FSX Antonov An-22 Package.
An AI An-22 Flyable in FSX by compiling the Mehlin Rainer Antonov An22 Antheus for AI traffic set. Adds the V. Zhyhulskiys An-12 2D panel and sound and replaces the .air file with the Dimitri Samborski Antonov An-22 Antheus .air file and based the .cfg on it as well. There are seven different aircraft: two Aeroflot, two Antonov demonstrators, one Antonov International Cargo Transporter, Antonov Airlines, and one Antonov special lift extensively modified aircraft. No VC panel.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: alegria_air_splash_screen.zip (858 KB)

Author: Cory Rees
Date: 22 Apr 2013
FSX Alegria Air Splash Screens.
Two splash screens for FSX, one with the an Alegria Air ATR 72-500 and one with the fleet on it.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: lrsb_fsx_scenary_v1_0.zip (301 KB)

Author: Daniel Cretiu
Date: 10 Apr 2013
FSX LRSB, Aeroportul International Sibiu-Turnisor, Romania.
Sibiu Airport scenery rebuild according to the new characteristics of the runway which was rebuilt in 2007. TORA 2630m ILS added for runway 27.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: fsx_gmmx.zip (4849 KB)

Author: Menno C. Robert
Date: 24 Feb 2013
FSX GMMX, Marrakech/Menara International Airport, Morocco, phase 1, AFCAD.
Marrakech-Menara Airport is an airport serving Marrakech, the capital city of the Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz region in Morocco. It is an international facility that receives several European flights as well as flights from Casablanca and some of the Arab world nations. Construction is going on to enlarge the airport. Impressions of what the situation will be like are enclosed. This reworked AFCAD shows the construction area, adds taxiways P1 and P2, updates the airports layout as per today's situation, enhances the surrounding area and improves the overall signage, pavement and parking facilities. Once the new terminal is open, the AFCAD will be updated. Using ADEx 1.51, aeronautical maps and Google Earth all these changes have been built into the default FSX airport.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: scva_ai_package.zip (4790 KB)

Author: Hal Boyer & Paul Craig
Date: 21 Dec 2012
FSX Southern Connections VA AI Package.
This package contains AI flight plans and nine SCVA AI aircraft, including B727-200 and B737-800 models by AI Aardvark, B757-200 and CRJ900 models by Alpha India Group and Dash 8-400 model by The Fruit Stand. The flight plans are in an easy to install traffic file and cover the SCVA route network. Installation instructions included.

FS2004/FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: usax_dash_8_q-200.zip (12911 KB)

Author: Daniel Alamilla
Date: 27 Nov 2012
FS2004/FSX Dash 8 Q-200, US Airways Express, N331EN.
No additional comments.

FS2004/FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: convair_cv-580_jata_2012.zip (25578 KB)

Author: Uknown
Date: 28 Oct 2012
FS2004/FSX Convair CV-580.
20 liveries are included with this package.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: piedmontsplash.zip (912 KB)

Author: Michael Niebauer
Date: 22 Oct 2012
FSX Splash Screen, Piedmont Boeing 727-200.
A splash screen featuring a Piedmont B727-200.

FSX Utilities/Misc
Download: exalula_3mef.zip (33019 KB)

Author: Rob Opray
Date: 28 Sep 2012
FSX Mission Exercise Alula USN/USMC.
The target is a rogue state, the solution.. a USN Navy Carrier Battle Group and USMC Expeditionary Strike Group! Choose to be the wingman in whichever sortie you like during a combined FA18, EA6B, AV8B, AH1, CH53E and MV22 two mission exercise in the Hawaiian Training Area.

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